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How to design your first WordPress Website using Elementor

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In today’s modern era of any professional area, website has become core part as it allows our online presence strategy to gain more market for our concerned area. In order to have an eye catching website we need to know how we can design our website that can attract maximum organic traffic to our website, to increase our motive of having a website. Then comes what framework should be used to have an attractive website? According to my research WordPress is one of the easiest framework to implement as it was started as blogging tool and has evolved throughout the years. As my blog topic clearly depicts that how you can design your first word press website using Elementor, here one thing needs to be clarify that what is elementor? Elementor is a modern WordPress page builder. Elementor let us create WP websites in the easiest and quickest way possible.

Steps to create your first website with WordPress using elementor.

Buy Web Hosting & Domain:
First of all you need to buy web hosting and domain, these are the essential parts in the startup steps of creating a website in simple words you can say that you are buying a place to build our own business.

Install WordPress:
After getting the domain and hosting account, login to it after that click to the tab of > My Account and then further login into cpanel in it. In the cpanel go to WP icon and select the auto-installer there and install according to the steps mentioned in it. As you have installed the WordPress now you have access to your WordPress dashboard in the hosting you buy.

Install Elementor:
As all things are set domain, hosting & WordPress installation, now in your WordPress dashboard find out plugins >Add new then search for elementor and install it. If you want to take full advantages of elementor than you have to buy elementor pro version, installation manner of this paid version is same as discussed above. You can also install envato elements that carry attractive collection of templates made for Elementor.

Website page:
Now that every technical step is done in setting to make a website now is the turn of creating a website page. You don’t know how to code in PHP, HTML & CSS? Don’t worry Elementor will help by letting you only drag and drop for creating layouts. Website we going to create in this blog will consist of two pages home & about page. Let’s Start.

Homepage creation:
In your WordPress dashboard go to elements option click on the required element after that scroll down and select the template relevant to selected element. When the template get imported, change the page name and then click on create new page that will be saved and can be edited when required.

About page:
About page is created by following the same steps as done for home page.
As we know that we have created two pages, now we will see how elementor works in customizing these pages.

Customizing the website pages with elementor:
Go to the home web page that we created go to page name when the menu link appear, click to edit with Elementor.

Once the page loads, you will see two sections on the screen. On the left, you will notice the editing screen for Elementor while the right side shows you how your page looks and allows you to edit the structure and the contents. Elementor uses sections columns and widgets to create layout of any page.

Following are the list of sections that elementor uses to customize the web page completely.

  • Inner Sections or Columns
  • Widgets
  • Customize Colors
  • Customize Typography
  • Customize Images
  • Customize Page Layout
  • Add Social Media Links
  • Customize Contact Form

That’s not all, these are the beginning steps I mentioned in this blog and tried to describe it precisely to have basic understanding of creating your first website in WordPress using elementor. By following these steps you can easily create your own website but in case you need a website for your business to stand out in international market and you are not able to do, so you can get in get contact with HTML-WP wordpress development agency for your help. We will help you develop a website that will be according to latest trends. We will be glad to be a part of your journey towards your great success.