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WordPress Multisite

Most business owners are over headed by managing many sites. WordPress provides a complete solution. You can manage and update various sites through a single CMS. HtmlWP offers a simple solution. You can operate one or more existing or newly created sites easily.

Word press multi-site means less server space, sharing the same plugins or themes. The sites can display the same features of an organization on different sites. The updates are less time taking and hassle-free.

You can display some data or pages of one site to another without migrating the data. Our experts can code multiple domains on a single server. We customized them using single or multiple themes as per your preferences.

Manage Many Sites With Ease

Our experts can code multiple websites or the network under the control of a single admin- penal. Other team members can get access. Which gives them the ability to grow their business further. Being the admin, you can observe their activity and suggest changes accordingly.

Word press multi-site development saves you from the hassle. You can check different sites in a single admin panel. We focus on creating user-friendly sites for visitors. It also applies to the people managing them behind the screens.

A better choice

Share theme plugins and data

With word press multi-site development, one plugin or theme can be used for all sites. The same goes for new content or data. Uploading and publishing a lot easier, especially if the site shares similar data.

We can customize themes and plugins to make your all sites work as you want. Get your WordPress multi-site development form us and save your cost, time, and efforts.

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