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HTML To WordPress

After making the decision to move your site to WordPress, there are many fears which can hunt you. Having a team of experts on board, we can migrate your site without any problems and retain your content, design, and even SEO ranking.

We can design customized plugins, themes, create a CMS so you can manage your site better. WordPress has accomplished its main mission of democratizing online publishing so that any person with a WordPress install and the correct theme/plugins will enjoy a modern website with enhanced functions and improved designs.

It’s so unbelievable that someone in 2020 might still be using a static HTML website and not experiencing and enjoying the benefits of the WordPress website with a theme and plugins.
However, there are still many websites that operate a static HTML only. (Or they are HTML with some CSS)

Benefits of migrating HTML to WordPress
  1. Site can easily be managed through CMS
  2. Uncountable customizations available with the help of ready made and customized themes.
  3. It’s more convenient and easy than worrying about keeping a WordPress site updated.

There are all valid reasons, but the most obvious cause of not migrating HTML to WordPress would be that the site owners do not know how to convert HTML site to a WordPress site. Many site owners get concerned about losing important content or the requirement of excessive formatting on every site page.

A better choice

WordPress has the solutions

HTmlWP offers the service of converting your HTML website to an effective theme-based WordPress website. Stop worrying about spending hours of copy/pasting your HTML site’s content to WordPress.

HtmlWP does all the work for you and makes it easy to migrate the HTML site to WordPress. Plus, no data from your existing site will be altered or deleted.

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