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5 Most essential WordPress Plugins for you

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Before telling you the 5 most essential wordpress plugins for your blog I would like to introduce myself in-front of you because I believe when you came to know about me then you put your time to read this blog.

Well I’m a senior WordPress Developer from a well reputed Web Development company named as “HTML-WP”, we build websites for startup & for bloggers, recently I start doing blogging to share the most trending & in-demand wordpress products with you such like wordpress plugins, being a wordpress developer I know that which plugin is much better for blogs, for security, contacting, newsletter etc but the question raised here is that “Do You know which wordpress plugin is best for your job?”

If your answer is yes then you already know about wordpress my friend but if not then my blogs are going to be the best thing which will let you more about wordpress.

So lets start the blog with the the first most essential wordpress plugin.

  1. Pretty Link is best for shrink,beautify & share url’s of your wordpress website.
  2. Scroll Triggered Box Responsive slide box allows you to add images, timer, coupons and video to your website with customization size & positions as well.
  3. Shareholic allow you to add Social Share Buttons, Related Posts, Content Analytics, Ad Monetization, and more to your website.
  4. Social Warfare is the most used social sharing wordpress plugin that allows you to share your content in an effecient way.
  5. Yoast SEO is also one of the most used wordpress plugin that optimize your website according to search engines that will lead your website & make efforst to rank your website.

Important Note for learners
At the end I just want to tell you that wordpress plugins is really important if you have a website especially If you are not from technical background then it can boost up your website but you must take-care of using too much plugins because using too much plugins can also slowdown your site. So you need to take-care of it.

Things To Know
One from the many services that HTML-WP provides is custom wordpress plugins development, So if you need any sort of plugin or you have plugin to be customize you can contact us, HTML-WP is always at your service.