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5 Best Free WordPress Themes

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Before starting this blog I would like to ask from you. Do you really know what a wordpress theme? Do you have any idea how to use wordpress themes in your wordpress website? or do you have any idea which theme is perfect match for your desired website?

I just asked these questions because these are the most commonly asked questions by people when they opens the door of wordpress for them but let me introduce you to wordpress and its themes in a quick way.

Well WordPress is a free open-source free content-management-system and easy platform that enables even for new users to design a website, It provide its ton of features such like wordpress themes, plugins and forms that will let you do things with ease. Currently this post is about wordpress themes, so today we only talk about wordpress themes.

WordPress themes are pre-designed and pre-built layouts that you can use in your website, You know wordpress provides approx 8052 themes, some of themes are available to purchase whereas some of them are for free but free doesn’t mean that these are low quality product these are also a well designed and secured layouts, There are many free wordpress themes available but today I’m going to show you the 5 best wordpress themes. So let’s get dive into it.

1. Gutenshop:
If we talk about a free but highly SEO optimize wordpress theme that enables you to create a eCommerce store then Gutenshop is the best option. It also provide you fast page loading speed.

2. Business Zone:
If you are looking to built a corporate business site then you can go with Business Zone theme, It uses King composer to provide ease in building website. This theme contains all the elements that a business needs.

3. Upright:
Upright is a theme that enables you to designed a imagery type blogging website, This theme provides you almost all the essential features that is required by a blogging site plus it have some additional feature that can play a vital role in your website.

4. Neve:
Well if we talk about Neve, It is one of the best among all other free wordpress themes, It provide you all features that a best website must have such like SEO optimization, responsiveness, fastest loading speed. I consider this theme as all-rounder theme because it can be use as bogging website, eCommerce website, portfolio website etc

5. Flare:
Flare is the best theme if you are new to wordpress, It provides you the ease to handle things, it is easy to configure and fully responsive theme with high rate of loading speed, It provides you a wide range of features with ease to use, So it will be ease for you to understand things easily if you are a beginner to wordpress.

So these are the list of 5 best wordpress themes that you can use to get hands on wordpress but if you are looking for a professional website that is big in scope and giving you tough time to design so you can take HTML-WP as your web development partner and let us do things for you.

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